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If all you are thinking about in starting a business is the revenue and profit, then you have stabbed it before it even took off! As humans, we seek to discover the purpose and meaning of our life, and so it is with every brand (and product or service in the offering). In essence, this is what consumers seek in a brand – the “WHY!”. Businesses that have neither identified the “why” they exist, nor underscored how they are unique and differ from others in their category, are bound to go off the shelf quicker than they got on. Brand development is key and the earlier start up owners and entrepreneurs understand this and begin to do something about their brand identity discovery, the better for them. No brand exists in isolation; brands are created to solve human problems.

Brands that know their purpose for existence are more likely to future-proof their business against failure and downturns, by innovating and transforming; than companies that lack a purpose. The benefits of having a collective purpose are huge, some of which are that it:

  • Gives corporate direction
  • Increases employee satisfaction
  • Unites teams
  • Appeals to purpose-driven consumers
  • Filters the right affiliates and associates

How are you differentiating your brand in a crowded marketplace? Are you standing out well enough? Or, how are you recognizable in your blue ocean?

Differentiation of your brand stems from the clarity of purpose? What human problem (direct or indirect) have you come to solve? What will the situation look like after you have solved it? The answers to these questions will help define your Mission Statement (WHY ARE WE HERE?) and Vision (WHERE ARE WE GOING?); and with SMART goals and the right strategies applied, you are on your way. I can assure you that your purpose is unique; distinct from any other brand; revolving around a niche (your target audience). With our telescopic approach, we can delve into your core and help mine your values – your essence, your deep-set convictions and strongest beliefs about your brand.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s give you a head start.

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