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Brand recognition, though very important, is not the only essential element in building a successful brand. A few weeks ago, it was reported that…/the-running-list…/571159/. To be a successful brand you have to develop a deep connection with your customers; have a thorough grip of your niche market; focus your marketing efforts on your ideal target; be clear about what it is you want to achieve and stay on it. Therefore, develop your communication to address your specific audience, so that when they hear your message, they know it was “all about them”. Remember, you are not trying to appeal to everyone – select your specific target and continue with them.

Secondly, staying on top of your game also means that you must have your ears to the ground on what your competitors are up to – say about three or four of them that are within your category. What is the quality of their products and services? How consistent are they with their branding and messaging? How do they serve their customers? What can you do differently with the assets you have – better and faster? Aim to exceed those in your category, and benchmark the big names in your field.

Thirdly, build your brand with “purpose”. If you know the “why” you created the brand, you are more likely to excel above the fellow that knows the “what” and the “how”. Building a successful brand is not about the logo, colours or messaging that most businesses start (and end) with; it is starting with a solid foundation that you can build upon. This will help you future-proof your business in the face of any storm or challenge – WHY ARE YOU IN BUSINESS; WHAT IS THE PURPOSE BEHIND YOUR BRAND? Let me stop here for the time being and let’s discuss.


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