Brand Identity Design

design and develop a strong identity

Name, Personality, Identity … what do you look like now and how do you want to be perceived? Look and feel is the visual language that makes a system proprietary and immediately recognizable. It also expresses a point of view. This support system of color, typography and composition is what makes an entire brand signature cohesive and differentiated.

What feelings do you want your clients and associates to derive upon any and every contact with your brand? At Platinum Investments, we will design your logo, letterhead, envelopes, website, package, and other corporate communication materials, so that your clients can easily remember your brand and the promise it delivers. In your Brand Identity Design (BID), we will highlight the meaning of your brand name and manipulate elements that are representative of your Brand , such that, it becomes memorable and distinct. Then, we will build brand awareness and get it to work for you.