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What do colours mean to you? How do they affect your thoughts, emotions and feelings? How do they influence the things you do; where you go; how you buy? Colours have a way of defining our moments. Which dominant colour comes to mind in your choice of what to wear today? What does your brand represent right now?

Ninety-Three percent of consumers say that the visuals (appearance) of a product have an effect on them when making buying decisions; and almost 85% say that they give attention to colours as the primary draw card (…/psychology-of-colors-in…). Different colours have different psychological effects on different people –

RED spells energy and means appetite, you see this in quick service restaurants and high energy soft drinks.

BLUE is security, vastness and loyalty, inspiring a sense of calmness; you see this often in healthcare and wellness brands. Think blue, think oceans, seas and skies.

GREEN stimulates harmony, suggesting a calm sense balance, if you like; one of those colours you don’t have to force your eyes to adjust. Green has a strong connection to nature; it is a colour brands thinking of a fresh start may want to consider.

For brands that want to exude luxury, royalty, authenticity, PURPLE will be the choice to take; as you will expect in high quality cosmetics, high-end retail companies and brands for real kings and queens.

Brands seeking to draw window shoppers, impulsive buyers and consumers with comforting and playful energy should look to YELLOW. Yellow spells fun, increases optimism and promotes cheerfulness.

BLACK is a bold, powerful, intelligent statement; a choice law firms are unapologetic to express.

ORANGE, cousin to red and yellow, holding you to youthful, enthusiastic excitement. ORANGE is great for brands looking to elicit feelings of vitality and happiness, such as travel companies. Its aggressiveness tempered by friendliness presents a great colour for calls to action ( ORANGE is also used to draw attention and caution as you see in traffic lights, LED directional signs, construction workers’ reflector jackets, danger sites, etc.

If your brand is not eliciting the emotions, feelings and choices you want from your customers, wouldn’t you rather have a colour rethink?



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