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The benefits of formulating a brand name that you can verb up are obvious. Naming your brand as a verb could earn you some authority and control in your market space, if well used. Examine the video conferencing service, Zoom. Coming in two decades after video conferencing was in use, could have been as suicidal as venturing into a bloody red ocean. However, they carefully thought out a name that could be used as a verb, thus engendering some level of control. Observe this strategy right in their web address, or “Zoom us”, like “Call us”, “let’s Skype” later, or “Chat me up” (on WhatsApp). They created a service that’s as easy to use as the name sounds, and also reinforced them as a market leader in their service segment.

Formulating the name of your brand should be concerted and strategic. The height of your marketing strategy is when people begin to “verb up” your brand name. When your brand name is used as a verb, you have innate power. This is called Anthimeria – the act of using a noun as a verb.  For instance, Xerox being used to mean photocopying something; Google being used to mean to search for something, Photoshop being used to mean graphics manipulation. On a positive note, this is a sign that your brand or product has been widely accepted by the general public. It means it’s in high-demand, is highly-recognized, and you’re most likely dominating your industry.

Brand naming is strategic and should not be taken lightly. You may have a good opportunity to turn your business into a household name and creating your own market space, by verbing it up. This should be an integral part of your growth strategy, whether you are pioneering a market segment or a new comer in a saturated market.

Besides being a household name and standing out in a crowded marketplace, creating a brand name that is synonymous with a verb or a noun leads to automatic consumer associations, greater brand recall, and the development of a ridiculously strong brand identity. When I discovered that Jacuzzi is a registered trademark of Jacuzzi Brand LLC and not a generalized name for the luxury bath tub you find in five-star hotel rooms, I blushed.

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