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Someone said, these are the worst times to be here on earth. Well, I disagree, simply because solutions gravitate towards the problems that they were created to solve. You were created as an answer to the cries of many. You are a problem-solver. Didn’t you state that in your Resume? You said you were a team player, a go-getter, a result-oriented personality. Well now. Welcome to life. It’s time to prove it. This is the grand stage; the world is watching. Play your role well.

You were created, developed and trained for this time. You were born to lead – call the shots, blaze the trail, set the trends, lift the feeble. All the learning and disciplining of yesterday, must now come to play. Look back and see how many people are following your lead; their life depends on your command. What did you say? They didn’t hear you quite clearly. You cannot fail them; you must not fall. If you fail on a day like this, then I question your faith … what did you believe in?

The first person to believe in is you. Bring out the leader, the genius, the creator in you. You must hear your voice saying to you, “when men are cast down, I am lifted up! I do not fail; because I am more than a conqueror! I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me!” You have to say this everyday. You have to say this everytime. Charge yourself up! All that stored up energy must be put to good use now. Find your voice and shout aloud, “Greater if He that is in me than he that is in the world!”.

Fast-forward to post-lockdown. Are you going BIG or are you STAYING HOME? This space is not for wimps. You are built to be tough; you were born to win; and to win for others too. Stay safe; and stay sure. That’s it.

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