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Meditate in Pictures

I thought I could assist you with your meditation, to boost your energy and inspiration for success. It’s a technique that will help you keep your focus on the particular idea that you are trying to bring to life. It is called VISUALIZATION. Of course, I know you know what this is. So let’s talk about it, because I believe that in this state of rest (the lockdown) you can capitalize on some quiet (reduced noise from work routines, advertisement and business noises).

Visualization is the process of seeing and feeling yourself in your own mind already being, doing and having the good that you desire. You must see YOURSELF being what you desire to be; having what you desire to have; and doing whatever it is that you desire to do in the NOW.

Some time ago, I was trusting the Lord for a particular amount of money. I kept the focus of that figure in my mind’s eye for weeks. Some months later, a lady gave a testimony of how she received that particular amount of money as a gift; and immediately I connected with it. That was supposed to be my money. You see, I visualised for the money quite alright, but I did not see myself having it. Someone else got it; and she said she wasn’t even expecting it. This is why in your visualization for success, you must see yourself in the picture.

Secondly, there is only one tense in visualization, and that is NOW! Not past, not future; but present. This is why in your meditation, you use the name of God – I AM! God said, “I AM THAT I AM”! Not I was or I will be. If you are meditating on being the business leader in your Industry, you must affirm that you are, and you must see that you are. Let the weak say I AM strong, NOT I will be strong (Joel 3: 10). So, what should the poor say? I AM rich, not I know, one day I will be rich. Just by thinking like this, what kind of feeling does it elicit? I’m sure that thought of you calling the shots in your Industry, makes you feel good. Keep that good feeling.

One day, many years ago, I had just returned from an early morning prayer meeting and I didn’t have any food in the house. I was hungry and low on cash – very low on cash. Well, I was tired too, so I slept. this was around midday. Then I had a dream. Before me was the most sumptuous fried rice and add-ons, I had every seen in my gracious life. In the dream I was salivating as I admired the food; and as I was about to taste it, my door bell rang …. You know, as I am writing now, I can still smell and imagine the taste of that food. It was a good feeling in the dream; I felt bad when I saw who was at the door. Lol!

Anyway, It’s important that you are able to hold that feeling in your visualization. It is as important as affirming and seeing that YOU ARE. This is one of the reasons why concentration is very crucial in your meditation. Seek a quiet place and state. You can change the circumstance of your life with this. Remember, you shouldn’t be disadvantaged, even with this lockdown.

Some additional tips:
1. Image, imagination, power of the mind. These are important elements to you visualization process. Create the pictures of your ideal in your mind’s eye and relate with them.
2. Concentrate your mind on the ideal you want. this will take some effort, but practise makes perfect.
3. Focus on the best case scenario and hold that thought. What’s the point thinking about the worst case scenario? Are you expecting to fail? NO! You are expecting to excel wonderfully.
4. Keep all negativity out of your mind. I told someone yesterday – I am not in the News loop. You see, I am working on something.
5. Leave the past with the past. It’s a brand new day for a brand new you.
6. God is no longer responsible for your success. He has made you a god. Exercise your god-rights and power.
7. Don’t discuss this with anyone except the Holy Spirit, so that you don’t drain the energy. You need to keep this energy pure and concentrated. The Holy Spirit He hoovered upon the face of the waters (how long for? We don’t know; but long enough for the Creation idea to crystallize. Then God spoke – “let there be light” and there was light!)
8. Give your pictures life by muttering it to yourself and then roar it out. Speak it forth, every time. If you are not alone. mutter it under your breath.
9. Keep anything that is inconsistent with your ideal out of your visualization. See it like, you are in labour and are about to give birth. Relate with your coming offspring.
10. Start NOW!

I hope you find this helpful.

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