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What today will be is entirely up to you. I like the fact that the circumstances of my life are in my control. I also like the fact that, with Jesus in my ship, in the Person of the Holy Spirit, not only will I have a smooth sail, I’ll also get to the other side safe and sound … that is, promotion, more opportunities, bigger contracts, new people to meet and bless. After all, it’s my Month of Openings, and I’m the seed of Abraham. I’m so blessed!

Now, just something that you can add to your marketing efforts and help boost your brand’s relevance in a post Covid-19 society. When last did you check on your customers? What about your prospects? The pandemic may have permanently or temporarily changed how your customers perceive your brand. You should carry out a survey of how you are perceived immediately. Remember, branding is all about the promises you make to your customers and what their experiences about those promises are. So, take that survey:

1. How are they thinking about your brand?

2. What is their attitude to purchasing now?

3. How would they rather buy – online, in-store, home or office delivery?

4. What is their preference compared to your two near competitors?

Ask the questions that will help set your brand for the big win, in the next few weeks. The insights obtained can help you model a post-pandemic strategy for the next year or two. You really need this.

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