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If you love the outcome of winning, you’ll love selling. Selling is not a not a battle between two people, it is a transaction in which every player is a winner. The real effort is not in selling, it is in persuading the buyer that your solution will match his challenge, and making the exchange of benefit (to the buyer) for profit (to the seller). Objections are needed and welcome in selling efforts because they are a way of educating your prospect better, proving and improving yourself, demonstrating your product convincingly, obtaining useful and relevant feedback, and driving your roots deeper to stand taller, tougher and surer.

Selling is about giving – your knowledge, your time, your efforts, your product or service, your idea and most of all VALUE. If your prospect does not perceive the needed value in what you are selling, you may not make a headway with her. This is why you have to define your market, your audience and your customer.

Your MARKET is your business ecosystem. It is made of different people and other businesses – your distributors, investors, prospects, existing customers, your co-workers, bankers, your competitors, other related business, etc.

Your AUDIENCE is those who you are talking you. Do you have an audience? How are you managing them? Are you keeping them informed, directed, assured about who you are and what you are offering? Are they listening to you? Who else are they listening to? This is why you must know everything about your competitors. The bigger your audience, the more leads you have for conversion and this is vital, especially for retail businesses. This means the higher your chances for more customers.

Your CUSTOMER is the person you have converted to patronize you. He is the most important person in your business ecosystem; therefore, you have the responsibility to treat him as such. You are not a hawker – a seller who has no attachment or responsibility towards one’s customer. Everything counts on him – his business, his family, his health, his finances, his loyalty to you, his decisions, … you had better guard him jealously, without being a nuisance.

So, selling is a win-win. If one wins and the other loses, you did not sell, you lost. Play to win – always.

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