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Stick to the Brand Vision

Ensure you stick to your brand vision in order to keep brand identity. Regardless of the pressure, tempting offers, or ideas that are not in line or in favour of your brand’s present and future, don’t compromise your core values; otherwise, you may end up in a smash up! A brand is bigger than the company. And yes, there is a difference between brand and company. Your company creates the product for customers and markets it; but the brand refers to the image, the personality of this product, creating an emotional connection with its customers, using its core values and identity to engender customer loyalty and business growth.

So, what is the correlation between brand vision and brand reputation? The brand is both a strategic and financial asset. When you brand your business, you are building a powerful tool that will align your corporate resources in the differentiation of the brand and in the development of strategic competitive advantage. “Arguing from a market-oriented approach, it is suggested that corporate brand vision offers a powerful tool for aligning the corporate brand whilst maintaining requisite flexibility” (Richard Jones, 2010). Your brand vision is a roadmap for your future; it refers to the ideas behind a brand that help guide the future. When the brand vision clicks, it reflects and supports the business strategy, differentiates from competitors, resonates with customers, energizes and inspires employees and partners, and precipitates a gush of ideas for marketing programs. According to Harvard studies, it has been proven that companies with brand vision statements grow four times faster than an average business. Your brand vision helps you stay in check; it helps you develop goals that will lead the brand to its future desired position. If your mission is to impact on the world positively, you vision statement describes what the world will look like after you have changed it. Specificity and clarity of what you want to accomplish, will help you prioritize in your choices and decisions for your brand.

In view of these, you have a task to define your route to building a strong brand name and reputation, and it begins with these franchise statements. This narrows your pathway into achieving your business goals; meaning YOU ARE NOT EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE. It controls your ideas and aids in the effective communication of the purposeful future direction of a strong brand to all stakeholders. Every effort in your strong brand (and reputation) building process will aid in attracting and retaining the most talented, highly qualified and passionate staff, who will increase the perceived value of your brand. Your management and staff will be guided to articulate, plan and manage what you want the brand to achieve in relation to customer growth, revenue and profit in the near and far future. It will impact on work ethic and attitudes, with concentration on your discrete capabilities, which are based on your brand core values (your foundation, bedrock, strong beliefs, brand essence).

Now that you have a clear understanding of these elements, we can help you craft your brand franchise statements, without which there will be nothing to differentiate you from your competitors. Our telescopic approach will unveil your core values and bring your brand to life (and keep it alive), with a clear-cut concept and strategy that you can use to impact on the world. Contact Us (

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