The Orange Experience

why we exist

We exist to provide our clients, in a broad portfolio of industries, with a variety of integrated communications services, including brand development & management, brand identity design, mind design, marketing strategies, brand awareness strategies, and consultancy and training in a spectrum of disciplines.

how we want to be perceived

Platinum Investments wants to be perceived as your business partner that challenges thinking, solves problems & transforms businesses through the power of brand development and management, creativity and capacity building, to provide you breakthrough integrated marketing strategies, that cut through the clutter with insightful brand development strategies and effective communications to make good news, build positive awareness and drive sales.

we are:

  • A PROBLEM SOLVER. We are a purpose-driven team of professionals, excited at solving problems, one after the other
  • TENACIOUS. We stop at nothing; that’s how stubborn our faith in your vision can be
  • INNOVATIVE. We are constantly creating new ideas and processes to give your brand the life and momentum it deserves; this way, we execute the potentials to change our world positively
  • ENTERPRISING. We consider nothing to be useless; and that which has been used can be recycled
  • ACCOUNTABLE. We value the ability of our staff and organization to honour our commitments, to clients and to each other
  • DILIGENT. Diligence is a function of the deep-set “excellent spirit” that we possess. Thus, we are cut to precision, giving attention to detail, to provide our clients with quality products and services