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The Soul of Your Brand

Discovering the soul of your brand is the most essential aspect of branding. However, it is not an easy concept, that’s why companies and entrepreneurs come to Brand Growth Catalyst ( for assistance.

Today, we are in a highly competitive and fast-paced world, and the concept of branding is evolving. The brand concept is the essence, the core idea behind your efforts to brand your business, and the intersection of its vision, mission, purpose and goals. Aptly put, a brand concept is all about how a brand makes me feel; all the thoughts that come to mind when I think about a particular brand.

When branding was introduced newly as a marketing tool, major companies took to defining their brand and devoting positions to the practice. “Now we’re seeing that the most successful brands are those that go behind implementing a branding campaign—the winning brands are the ones that have soul” (

The heart and soul of your brand is your brand essence, its DNA; it is what produces the personality and character that you exhibit, through and through. A brand that has soul shares a passion and motivation with its customers. Instead of simply creating a corporate identity, brands with soul find ways to truly connect with consumers ( This is what truly differentiates your brand from competing ones; evoking in your customers, the feeling that is unique only to your brand.

“No matter how great your product is or how clever your performance marketing, what really sets your brand apart from the rest is a well thought out brand concept that connects with your audience” (

So, how do you find the soul of your brand?

Contact us at and let’s get you started on the right footing.

…because you are different!

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