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The Orange Experience is a prestigious Group on Facebook. Someone says, “why orange?” Well, the answer isn’t far-fetched. Cheerful **orange** evokes exuberance, fun and vitality. With the drama of red plus the cheer of yellow, **orange** is viewed as gregarious and often childlike. Research indicates its lighter shades appeal to an upscale market. ([]( A quick answer for your curiosity.

Orange is exciting and reflects enthusiasm, Life is exciting, the world is exciting, business is exciting. On the brighter side, which came first orange the colour or orange the fruit?

Today, this weekend and even next week, there is a lot of leveraging that you can do, with this new stay home policy. Home services – home tutorship for the kids for a minor, home deliveries, home cleaning services, pro cash wash in your neighbourhood, some much innovative thinking to put some extra cash in your bank account. What other services come to mind?

Get gingered up! Get pumped! Get exciting and excited; take an orange today. 


. Let’s hear from you, share your thoughts and experiences. Let’s learn from you.

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